Why is Joolu better than others?

POSTED ON: Mar / 26 / 2012

Because we focus on giving out better design quality, Full Customization functions, creative, unique design and most of all affordable cheap price. thats it thats all there is to know, but we will discuss each of joolu’s trats to understand what it really meant.


Design Quality

all of our competitors offer a very “not so well” designed theme and we at joolu kinda realized hey someone’s actually buying this kind of design quality and believe it or now we actually saw a lot of complaints and issues for their themes, a lot of complaint means they have a large amount of customers, anyway back to our topic each and every theme/template joolu is developing can take up to 2 weeks to finish but after that before we even actually display it on the public/market we ask our selves “is this worth buying are people actually gonna pay for this stuff?” this is how joolu has a high design standards

so joolu is working very hard to come up with a theme to surely compete and surpass their design standards we want our designs stand out from the crowd make it worth buying.


Full Customization

another thing that what makes us better is that we offer a fully customization ready theme which can be done using our Control Panel options or theme options in short. by that we mean the themes features and design attributes can be altered withour touching a single line of code, that includes changing its background color or optional background images, font face/ font family, text sizes and colors, Image slider settings, editable social icons and welcome message, enable and disable some features of the theme and so much more all in just a few click of you’re mouse, this is the power of joolu’s themes.


Creative and Unique Design

As much as possible we want to sell original and unique theme, we focus on typography, design layout and animation effects that is the secret on how we come up with unique and creative well designed theme. typography is for the content, design layout is what the website should look like and to make it look lovely and attractive mix it will css3 and jquery animation effects, this is what others don’t have.


Cheap and Affordable Price

yes by now you realized how many times we mentioned that phrase why because that phrase is the foundation of joolu its what makes us better and competitive. back then when we we’re studying our competitors we noticed almost all of them offer a bundle package which cost a hundred and even hundreds of  dollars for all themes and if you want only a single theme it will cost you about $50-$70 for each theme and that really hurts if you cut on budget what if you need 4 themes you might as well get the package bundle the ugly part is you waste not using the other themes that the packed includes. what joolu came up with is the cheap price you get to choose which theme you want to buy which costs equivalent to a McDonalds happy meal, you wont waste money and you get what you wanted.

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